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New Blog!


I’m experimenting with expanding on the focus of what I write about here on the world wide interwebs. Part of my experiment involves taking a hiatus (permanent? unclear) from Librarytour to see if I can combine my library obsession with my love for the local and interest in connection and whole-hearted living.

What does that mean exactly? Drop by and find out!

NYPL lion

See you there.

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Guilt = Checking Out New Books When You Haven’t Finished The Old

Does this ever happen to you?

It’s a nice day.  Tootle-loo.  You’re walking along, just stopping by the library after a full day’s work to spend some time on the internet.  Doing your thing.  Innocently, you pause in front of the new books non-fiction.

Uh, oh.

It happens: you see one compelling new book.  You pluck it off the shelf, leaf through.  No need to worry.  You’re just looking, right?

Mind you, in addition to copious amounts of cat hair and dust, your apartment back home is chockfull of reading material: owned books, magazines, comics, community newspapers, pretty circulars from Whole Foods . . . other library books you’ve barely even cracked.

And yet.

One, two, three, four new books.  At the self check-out.  In the bag!

Oh, the gluttonous guilt.

Does this ever happen to you?


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Princeton Public Library

This past weekend, my parents (the original library-lovers in my life) and I visited the Princeton Public Library in Inscription near front door of Princeton libraryPrinceton, New Jersey.  It was one of those places that I immediately felt jealous of and wanted to have in my own neighborhood.

As the three of us wandered the three floors and took turns enjoying the third floor patio (lots of threes), I was impressed by the sense of light and space created by thoughtful architecture and systems for organizing.  At one point I passed the newspapers, tucked away in wooden shelving (cubbies, perhaps?) and thought, “Wow.  Now that makes so much sense!”

For me, the single disappointment was the teen section, a semi-distinct space at that far end of third floor children’s room.  Unlike the rest of the library, it gave the impression of being dark (though with floor-to-ceiling windows, how could that be).  While there, I spotted one teen, tucked quietly on the floor in the stacks.  My opinion not-withstanding, the room is obviously attracting it’s intended audience.

My Princeton Public Library favorites:

  • Outdoor patio
  • Quote inscribed at the front entrance “Libraries are not made; they grow” by Augustine Birrell
  • Fireplace seating areas
  • Swan in the children’s room
  • Children’s playroom
  • Huge, swoon-worthy new books section with lighted shelves and a special area for book-club selections
  • Microfiche reader machines
  • Serious, friendly, curious, and helpful staff
  • List of YA books that adults might like created by the teen section staff (?)
  • Wall of tiles
  • Connections magazine
  • Donors plaque (a big book in the front lobby, really a work of art)
  • The stairwell

Sadly, my camera died, so I’m reduced to disposables, which just don’t cut it in terms of expressing the look of feel of what I saw through the viewfinder.

If anyone has tips for how to make the best of a bad camera, I’m all ears.

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Camera Down!

Last month, my less-than-trusty Canon S series point-n-click experienced it’s last click. Tis no more. Poor timing for me, as I’m finally getting my sea legs in terms of posting to my blog.

What’s a girl to do?

Go disposable, seems to be the answer at this juncture. So, I bought my first super cheap (but also oddly expensive) disposable camera from CVS. Here’s a shot of Lincoln Public Library (admittedly cropped and altered in Photoshop) that I took during last weekend’s bike ride to Walden Pond.

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Library + Park = Faint Worthy

This spring my partner David experienced car trouble (squeaky brakes, anyone?) so we took his vehicle to the J & P Garage off Harvard Street, beside the Honan-Allston library.  We paid a lot for those repairs, but we also gained a little something standing in the dirt of the street near the garage on a busy weekday morning.

Once upon a time D and I were Friends of the Honan-Allston library.  He lived nearby in Lower Allston, so we were frequenters.  We attended one library celebration party in particular where we won two prizes in the raffle!  One of those prizes was a free oil change at J & P Garage.  David has been getting his car repaired there ever since.

How do these stories relate to a faint-worthy park?

Well, on that dusty morning, I noticed a little something behind the library.  D and I peered through the chain link fence and discovered this treasure.


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Blog Dreams

This evening I’m sitting at the Cambridge Public Library, researching and planning for my next move in blog-land. My head is full-up of lessons learned from WordPress Wordcamp, and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. There seem to be so many decisions to make:

  • Start a new blog or try to continue using Librarytour (I’m leaning towards a new blog, especially since I bought a domain)?
  • Use a free WordPress blog, or stretch my wings and skills by paying to have a site hosted?
  • Which theme to use?  What elements do I want to feature?
  • What to do about the fact that my digital camera broke and I’m grounded for a while in terms of access to new photos (of my own making)?
  • Will people like or be interested in my new blog?  Do I want them to be?!
  • Is it wise to devote my time to developing an professional/thoughtful online presence instead of working on the third draft of my middle-grade novel?

Last, and perhaps loudest in my head/heart, is the wish to just be in it already!  If there’s one thing that makes me uncomfortable (rest assured, there are many things), it’s being new.

Chalk drawing of the Copley Square Church


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