Letter Library?

October 7, 2009 at 2:02 am Leave a comment

I have long wondered whether there is, somewhere in the world, a letter library.  Like many people I know, I adore personal letters.  I crave, yet rarely receive, them.  When I was a kid, I put forward a lot of letter-writing effort and received many in return.  Hundreds from friends, relatives I goaded into writing me, a few love letters, and the occasional correspondence from a favorite author.  Of course, I never threw them out.  In my closet are two boxes full of letters.  When I pass away, where will these letters go?  To a letter library, perhaps?  Someone, somewhere must keep them, otherwise how would we have such a good account of our collective human history?

And my next question is . . . what about personal journals?  Angst, anger, love, and longing all so inexpertly yet passionately captured in delicate, cloth bound (and probably spiral bound and loose scraps, too) books.  Where do they go?


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Mexico Library -Mexico, Maine, that is Stalking Cambridge Public Library

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