Old Bridge Library – Master of Dedicated Spaces

July 3, 2010 at 11:36 pm Leave a comment

It’s a Sunday morning at home with the parents and the car is busted (the heat, perhaps? It’s 90 degrees out . . . ) and there’s nothing to do. Wait? What’s this? The Old Bridge Public Library hasn’t yet converted to summer hours? Well! Time for a library tour.

After a brief trek down the sleepy Jersey-town lane, during which I supplied myparents with exciting names of trees I may or may not have been identifying correctly, we entered the cool (but not too cold –thank you!) library. First order of business –just arrived books section. Second, gather heavy pile of books to flip through. Third, Mom pays her $12 fine for late DVDs.

Have I mentioned that one of my favorite activities is hanging out in libraries with my family?

Old Bridge Library is lived-in and loved. The space is one large room organized by uses: Living Room, Children’s Room, Information Services, Senior Spaces, Teen Zone, etc. Each section is additionally separated into zones. For instance –in the Living Room one might fight to stay awake on couches in one area or, in another, relax in up-right armchairs, reading a magazine under a lamp. The Senior Space offered rocking chairs and computers with screens featuring increased magnification for eyes tired of trying to figure out tiny type.

In the teen section, I bumped into a young artist painting a mural.  Her skill and confidence were impressive and inspiring –apparently she approached the library and volunteered to decorate two support posts with depictions of her favorite books. I asked to snap the artist’s photo while her parents, lounging nearby in plush chairs, smiled and looked on.

Old Bridge Library is a master of dedicated spaces –study corrals, children’s nooks, small garden, laptop bar, book sale room (I snagged four records, yes, records, for $1), etc. So comfortable and welcoming! I look forward to visiting again next time I’m in the Jers twiddling my thumbs.


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