Thoughts on Goals

A few years back, I started a habit of setting goals for events and situations that folks perhaps would consider out of the usual range of goal-setting.  Examples: a week’s vacation in Maine, a potentially contentious meeting with a co-worker, family holidays.  I’ve found, if I put thought and intention into how I’d like to behave, what I’d like to  experience, it makes a big difference in my overall satisfaction.

So I set some goals for the first day of this weekend’s WordPresss Wordcamp -my first experience among other bloggers and WordPress users.

  1. Notice people and smile
  2. Embrace awkward
  3. Appreciate
  4. Wear nerdy shoes
  5. Talk to at least one person of color

I find conferences (or camps or tradeshows) a little awkward: all those strangers, spending hours indoors in just a few rooms, all that sitting and listening.  As much as I looked forward to attending Wordcamp, I knew there were some potential pitfalls that I wanted to avoid, hence the first goal.

Goal number two was inspired by a blog post by Berne Brown, the author (speaker?) of my favorite Ted Talk.

Number three is one of my standards, often interchanged with “practice gratitude.”

Number four was just for fun -most of my shoes are nerdy!

Number five is the elephant (in the room): I’ve come to understand that being one of just a few brown faces means I need to actively seek out the other brown faces.  Once upon a time I thought it didn’t matter so much: I like diversity, and all people are equal right?  However, lately I’ve started to wonder if there’s something a little funny about the Northeast (as a Yankee, I can’t really speak for other parts of the U.S.) -I’ve attended many conferences, concerts, and parties where other children of the African disapora keep such a distance from me, I wonder if there’s some magnetic force propelling them away.

So those were my goals for yesterday.  What will today bring?

(Thanks to Charles Williams for the photo snagged from Flickr.)


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WordPress Wordcamp

I’m excited to attend a wordcamp here in my own neighborhood! Hoping for lots of inspiration and good connections that can help me improve not only my own little blog, but also the website I manage for work.


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National Poetry Month

Every year since 2007, I’ve sent “poemcards” to friends and family in celebration of National Poetry Month. This requires me to scour books of poetry, searching for short, pithy gems. I squirrel poems away all year long, saving up approximately thirty to send in the month of April. I also need a stockpile of postcards, which can get expensive, so I usually pick up free ones around the city when I can (hint: lots of postcards available in the windows of cafes, at gallery openings, and in postcard kiosks at bars).

Last year, I got my hands on this postcard book that, yes, I admittedly paid for. Check it out, though, it’s collection of photographs of libraries! Cambridge Public Library and the Boston Public Library are featured numerous times, as is one prison library, and some impressively boring photos of people hanging out in library stacks. Overall, though, a lucky find!

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Family + Library Does A Good Afternoon Make

Recently, I spent time with a friend who, now twenty years old, has been home schooled her whole life. She mentioned trips to the library with her family, describing the stacks of books she used to check out. Listening to her story, I experienced a sense-memory of standing behind the children’s department circulation desk at the public library I worked at in high school, watching the home school families check out great mounds of books, packing them away in canvass bags. The youngest siblings were usually the most excited to pile their books on the counter, tiny hands reaching up as they dutifully followed their mother’s instructions.

My friend’s story was good reminder that, even as the practice of reading and the art of writing remain mostly solitary activities, a trip to the town library is that much more satisfying with loved ones in tow.


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More Reasons To Love The Library

This past week I noticed a new treat outside Cambridge Public Library main branch. A bike station!  My first experience with one of these was over at MIT, where I accidentally let all of the air out of my tire trying to inflate it, and then was not-exactly-aided by two women who meant well.   This area cyclist blogger tells it best.

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Library back log

I am behind on writing about library visits -so much so that I’ve actually held off on touring and photographing libraries when I’m out traveling.

Libraries I’ve visited but not yet featured on the blog:

  • Paris, ME
  • Brattleboro, VT
  • John D. Rockefeller Library, Brown University, RI

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New website for Cambridge Public Library


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