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Feeling the Fever at Coolidge Branch

Riding up to the library on your bike with your partner on a crisp, sunny summer’s day and discovering it closed is frustrating. Even more disappointing when that library is the central branch –beautiful, recently remodeled, with an even more recently reconfigured YA room that I’ve been hankering to explore. Well then, there it is. One can’t argue with a library’s summer hours schedule.

At my partner’s bright, keep-goin’-in-the-saddle suggestion, I grumpily agreed to stop by the nearby, smaller Coolidge Corner branch. We were, after all, in the area. David and I rode our bikes the short distance to the Coolidge Corner shopping district and strolled to the library. (Grump, grump.) We walked in. (Grump, grump.) In using the computers to look up my online to-read list on, I learned a fair number of books I’m planning to read were available in the stacks. Hmm, suddenly, I was feeling less grumpy.

While locating those books, I bumped into a graphic novel section I hadn’t
known about. I picked out a few. Hmm. Wait for it, wait for it . . . BAM! Full on library fever. Next thing I knew, I was sweeping the stacks, plucking books off the shelves like heavy-ripe fruit. Books not even on my list. Books with pretty covers. Everything was catching my eye. I hit the new arrivals shelf and when David saw me next, I was wearing that goofy-embarrassed expression I get when I don’t want to admit I’ve got a case of library fever.

Grumpy or no, in the end, it got me. It the end it almost always does. Library fever.


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In which a library-lovin' lady tours free public libraries.

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