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Somerville Library, I’ve got my eye on you

This past week, I was bumming around Somerville, waiting to pick up a book by way of freecycle.  The other freecycler and I planned to meet at the Bloc 11, a cafe on Bow Street that I’d never been to.  It’s a very cute place, cleverly designed, and near the back is a community bulletin board.

Well, I’m a big fan of bulletin boards, so I walked on back there to take a gander.  I noticed a brochure titled “So Fine A Prospect,” which turned out to be a walking tour of Prospect Hill and Union Square in Somerville, MA.  First on the list is the Somerville Central Library, located on Highland Avenue.  I’ve never been, in fact, I hadn’t even thought to go!  I don’t know how I missed the fact that Somerville has it’s own library system.  I guess I thought it was partnered with Cambridge or some other nearby town. While I was pondering this, I checked out other things on the board and bumped into this business card:

Somerville Library Business Card

Interesting! Somerville Library on myspace.  Guess I’ll have to check that out.


March 7, 2008 at 12:04 am 2 comments

In which a library-lovin' lady tours free public libraries.

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